life with a 15 month old


In two days I will officially be the mama of a 15 month old… How did that happen??? It’s so cliche and I say it all the time, but it really does feel like we just brought her home! How has over a year passed?! Time is a weird thing. I recently heard someone describe time and being a mama like this – the days are long but the years are short. I’ve only been doing this mama job for 15 months but I can attest to the truth of that statement! I can’t imagine what it will feel like 18 years from now! Oh gosh, don’t get me started on that or I’ll just start crying! 


Over the last 15 months I have learned so much about myself that until becoming a mom I had little to no knowledge of. For instance, contrary to what I thought before I can in fact function on a few hours of sleep. Not well, but I can keep a tiny human alive while simultaneously feeling like a character from The Walking Dead (and not the live ones). Coffee has become my best friend, but unfortunately since I am nursing I am not able to set up an IV drip of the magical drink like I would prefer. So, that one drink a day must do the trick!

I have become a pro at the mom bun! Which is just a cool way of saying I don’t always get around to showering so I have to get the tumbleweed that is my hair out of the way somehow. I’m not sure how it’s possible that I hardly ever ‘get ready’ and yet we take forever to get out of the house!

I thought I was a pretty good multitasker before… ha! I didn’t know the meaning of the word until becoming a mom. At any given time I am literally doing 10 different things and as a result I forget half of what I was attempting and the other half are being done with a baby in tow either pulling on me to let her “help” or her handing me every single book we own so that I can read them to her. So, in conclusion… I get nothing done. Before having Adeline I remember complaining all the time about how I didn’t have enough time to get the things done I needed to and how I was just so incredibly busy… HA! Little did I know… ha ha [[this might be a tad dramatic. I do get some things done, but you get the idea]]

It turns out being a SAHM and working are a tad hard to manage… but more on that later!

Back to what I’ve learned since becoming a mama…

I didn’t know how proud of someone I could feel until watching Adeline as she learned to sit up, to crawl, and then to walk… Or as she sits and places the different shape blocks into the corresponding holes and claps for herself as she looks up at me with the most adorable grin.  The joy that fills my heart when she learns how to do something new is a feeling I had never experienced before. So, basically I cry happy tears all the time!

The tiniest humans make the biggest messes!!

I’ve learned that moms can be really mean to each other. You think bringing up politics or religion can create tension in a group?? Just get a few moms together that maybe don’t have the same philosophy on parenting and watch as they implode! There are opinions about literally everything! Cosleep vs crib, breast or bottle, SAHM or daycare, CIO or attachment parenting, babywearing or stroller, purees or BLW, homeschool or public school, natural birth or medicated birth and heaven forbid if you bring up vaccination! Different parenting styles seems to cause such division among mamas! [[Disclaimer:: I know that in these situations it’s not always one or the other… sometimes it is, but many other times parents fall in the middle on a lot of things]]

I had no idea what an amazing feeling it would be to watch my husband become a father. It’s absolutely precious! I have been with him for 12 years so being able to learn a new side of him has been so much fun.

One of the biggest things I have come to appreciate is my own mother. Since having Adeline I have a deeper love and respect for my mom. I often imagine her at my age with a one year old (well actually when my mom was my age she had a two year old and a newborn) and how she must have been feeling similar to how I do now. At the same time I feel an aching sense of guilt and regret for anytime I ever hurt her. I think back on some of the awful teen years and cry at the thought of Adeline being me in those situations… until having a baby I had no idea how much my mom truly loves me. I think as kids we tend to put our parents on a pedestal. When really they were exactly where we are at not that long ago… struggling in the same ways and experiencing the same new joys.

This adventure into motherhood has been eventful to say the least!


Adeline has found her frog prince!

I am quite obsessed with this redheaded green eyed tiny human.

She is just so funny! Her giggle is contagious. Her father has been teaching her how to tickle me… Which is adorable! She gets sneak attacks all the time and lets out the loudest squeak of excitement when she gets me! The funny part is that she DOES in fact tickle me and I can’t stop laughing which makes it even more fun for her. AH now I have two ticklers to try and escape from!

She is officially a professional walker! She was timid with it for awhile, but then walked a few times in a day and hasn’t stopped since! She puts her arms out in front of her, pooches her belly out and wobbles around! It’s quite an adorable sight to see!

Adeline has 6 teeth with a few more working their way in! [[so in other words we don’t get much sleep right now]]

My little lady LOVES animals! She is fascinated by the sounds they make. Currently she is obsessed with gorillas, tigers, and fish!

She is learning sign language. Currently she can sign milk, more, please, drink, dog, cat, and gorilla (all the important stuff ha ha). Adeline can point out all of her features (toes, eyes, ears, etc..)

If you ask sometimes she’ll give kisses!

She LOVES to read stories. It’s precious when she brings a book over, grabs my hand to put the book in it and climbs in my lap… That means it’s time to read!

The last 15 months have been wonderful. They have been exhausting and magical. Trying and exciting. It has been the easiest yet the hardest. Motherhood is full of contradictions it seems!

QUESTION:: I love reading your comments! So, please share a few things you have learned on your journey into mamahood!

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2 thoughts on “life with a 15 month old

  1. jminayeva says:

    this is so cute, cool and super sweet to read. hearing about what you’re learning about yourself and your growing love for her tugs at my heartstrings! you have such a big heart and are a lovely mom!


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