Adeline first visit to the aquarium

Adeline LOVES animals! She is fascinated with them. Dogs and monkeys seem to be her favorite at the moment… but she is also quite fond of cats and tigers as well. We have these flash cards that say a word on the front and back and then on one side you can pull out a flap that reveals a picture of the word. I have them in a basket in our living room and right now she will sit next to it, open each card to see the pictures until she finds the ones she wants and then she will scoot them across the room to you so that you can open and shut them for her. Each time she searches the pile for the gorilla, the chimpanzee, the tiger, the dog, the cat, and sometimes the squirrel. It has become quite an adorable game. We say the word and make the animal noise as we show her the picture. She does the best tiger and gorilla out of all of us!

We have been getting anxious to take her to all of the fun outings that little ones get so excited about. The places where they can learn and have a blast at the same time. We decided to start with the aquarium. Mostly because in the same week Adeline got a huge Nemo stuffed animal and we watch Finding Dory… We thought what better time than now to see all of the ocean life swimming around in downtown Denver!

To be honest, I am not sure who had more fun… Adeline or us… Hmmmm…


Stingrays are strange creatures. They actually creep me out a little, but the second I see them from below I can’t help but smile at them. They look so dopey!


I spy with my little eye…. The cutest of babes… Adeline loved splashing in the water!


I am surrounded by redheads. I love the similar stoic glances that they both have…


Adeline loved seeing the fish, turtles, snakes, and tiger… BUT she made THIS expression while playing with these tiny holes. Silly baby.


All those teeth!!! Ek!

Thank you to my wonderful father for these great photos! 🙂

This was a fun outing to do as a family with a little one… Next time I would go on a weekday when it wasn’t so crowded so that we could go slower.

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