Why do I choose to share MY story?

I am not the most eloquent of writers. I didn’t get a degree in it. I sometimes make grammar mistakes and my sentences are way too long. I type-delete-type-delete for hours. I am always critical of my writing and sharing it often scares me. I compare myself to others far too often which just perpetuates the fears I already have. When i hit ‘publish’ on a new post I automatically wonder if what I shared will have any impact whatsoever on even a single soul. However, despite those overpowering feelings of uncertainty I continue to share MY story… WHY??? I attended a photography conference a few years ago in Las Vegas and while wandering around the expo I stumbled upon a booth that was handing out these awesome 5×7 card stock business cards. On one side was their contact information and on the other side was a very simple but yet powerful statement.

Everyone has a story to tell. Tell on.

I have kept this card with me since then. It sits on my desk propped up against the wall so that I can see it every time I sit down and begin to write.

EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. has a story that is unique to them. No one can claim someones story as their own.

We live in a very social culture. We are constantly sharing our stories with everyone. We have thousands of friends and followers that see glimpses into our lives. People we’ve never met or even spoken to have an understanding of our existence that has never been possible before. This can be a scary thought to some.

For me, I see it as a way to CONNECT with people. As human beings we have this innate desire to relate to one another. We spend our lives searching for people that we can bring in to become apart of our stories. Characters to play a role in our epic tale.

I want to share MY story with the world with the hope that I will find others seeking to share theirs. It is my desire that my story, through a collection of many blog posts will go out into the world and reach those that will gain something from it…

What will this mama be sharing on her lifestyle blog??

  • MY story
  • I am a lifestyle photographer so of course I will be sharing my work of the adorable families that invite me in to document their stories
  • Provide some insight and fails into the life of a MOMBOSS (balancing entrepreneurship, kids, and success)
  • Share fun new recipes I try when I feel ambitious enough
  • Book reviews when I actually have the time to finish a book
  • Fun adventures we go on (we LOVE to explore)
  • How to’s
  • Answer questions
  • Inspire other mamas

A lifestyle blog is best defined as a digital content representation of its author’s everyday life and interests. A lifestyle blogger creates content inspired and curated from their personal interests and daily activities.

So basically I will just be sharing my life with the world πŸ™‚

Now, please know that I am not doing this because I think my life is amazing. I do have a great life, but it is by no means glamorous or something to be emulated. My life is messy and crazy. There is laundry on floor and dishes in the sink. I rarely have time to do my hair let alone makeup. I wear leggings way too often and never get my to do list finished.

I am doing this because I want to connect with other mamas out there! When I was pregnant with Adeline I started reading everything I could online about pregnancy, birth, becoming a mom, parenting and such… I found the most inspiration from blogs I came across that were written by women who had experienced what I was experiencing before me. Reading their stories gave me hope and encouragement during what can be a scary time.

So, PLEASE follow along on my adventure (I hope to post 2/3 times a week) and share with anyone you think would like to as well! πŸ™‚

Show some love in the comments!!!

Thank you Dave Russell aka my awesome dad for this image taken during one of our lovely coffee dates at Sonder coffee & tea [[ If you’ve never been… GO!! It’s amazing. The drinks are spectacular, the treats are delectable, and the service is top notch! ]]





21 thoughts on “Why do I choose to share MY story?

  1. Amber Gossett says:

    Something about sharing your story is very therapeutic! I also find that opening up about my own struggles has helped others experiencing similar struggles. Keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lynn Olsson says:

    Don’t sell your writing short. I saved yr series on yr trip to England etc so that I could read it over and over. You brought it to life for me. You have a gift for putting yr experiences in universal terms that many can relate to.

    Liked by 1 person

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