Why do I choose to share MY story?

I am not the most eloquent of writers. I didn’t get a degree in it. I sometimes make grammar mistakes and my sentences are way too long. I type-delete-type-delete for hours. I am always critical of my writing and sharing it often scares me. I compare myself to others far too often which just perpetuates the fears I already have. When i hit ‘publish’ on a new post I automatically wonder if what I shared will have any impact whatsoever on even a single soul. However, despite those overpowering feelings of uncertainty I continue to share MY story… WHY??? Continue reading


nice to meet you

To follow up from my last post of introducing what the purpose of this Lifestyle Blog will be I wanted to introduce myself to those that might not know much about ME. I want to be honest and candid in my writing and I don’t want to start that without sharing some quirky and personal things about myself with you.

I believe in creating community and connections between individuals. How can we expect to do that if we are not open to the possibility of meeting others that we can impact or that can have an impact on us?

So, without further ado… Here it goes::

  1. I have more books that I am willing to admit that have a bookmark a few chapters in… I have a tendency to get a book and start it and not always finish it. There are books that I DO finish, but for some reason that I cannot explain I get sidetracked on even the good ones!
  2. I am obsessed with the color mint.
  3. It doesn’t matter what the temperature is outside I will usually order my coffee ICED.
  4. If I could get my husband to agree to it, I would pack my bags and move to Paris in a heartbeat! (For a time because I would miss my family and friends way too much for it be forever).
  5. I hide chocolate chips cookies in my desk… Ya, I know that’s weird.
  6. Autumn is my very favorite time of year. I would be okay if it was fall forever!
  7. My first meal of the day has to be breakfast themed! That could happen at 7am or noon… I cannot proceed to eat multiple times in a day without starting with breakfast. To be completely honest I would prefer if every meal was breakfast.
  8. I watch the TV shows that a lot of people roll their eyes at and believe me I know that some of them are cheesy! Guilty pleasures are Greys Anatomy (even after all this time and weird turns the show has taken), One Tree Hill, Vampire Diaries (hush, i can feel the eye rolls), Buffy (the first show I watch all the way to the series finale and didn’t quite understand that it would actually come to and END someday! Tears!), Lost (even after the weird season where Kate, Jack, and Sawyer were in cages), and pretty much any crime drama (ya, that’s about 75% of all shows)!
  9. I have 22,186 unopened emails and that little red reminder on my phone haunts me! (I think I might possibly sign up for way too many newsletters).
  10. I have been to 20 different countries and my sense of wanderlust is not even close to be satisfied!


It’s so nice to meet you!

Now, PLEASE leave a few fun things about yourself in the comments! I would love to read them!

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I blinked and my baby turned one!

We spend the first 18 or so years of our lives wishing time would fast forward… That we could move out and be on our own. To have a real job and pay bills… Buy our own groceries and stay out as late as we want… Don’t get me wrong I totally was like that and it was fun… For a time. And then something weird happens. You get to a point where the days seems to blend together and you close your eyes for a second and the days, weeks, or months have flown by like a whirl of wind. Days once seemed to last an eternity, but now are gone before you know it. Continue reading

New Beginnings

I have been photographing weddings for 10 years… It is an absolute dream job! I find so much joy in being able to document love stories. I have met some incredible people over the last decade and wouldn’t change a thing! However, this past year when I became a mom my focus for my photography shifted a bit. [Brides have nothing to worry about I will continue to photograph weddings]. This year was a full of tremendous joy and exhausting struggle. Becoming a mom has been the greatest adventure I have ever been apart of and I love every single minute of it (even the tough ones!). Adeline has opened my eyes to a whole new part of myself and just makes me giggle all the time. I could seriously snuggle her all day long… If she would let me.. Which she does not! Continue reading

Creating Tribes

A tribe is defined as :

a social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by social, economic, religious, or blood ties, with a common culture and dialect, typically having a recognized leader.

I have a new group of mama friends and we call ourselves the MMC Tribe. We are all around the same age, are what you might call crunchy moms, and have bonded over the new tiny humans that we have all recently created! Creating connections with other human beings is one of the greatest things we will do in this life. To bond with like-minded individuals is simply amazing. A true blessing in a world of chaos. Continue reading

The Wonderful World of Food

Adeline turned 6 months on Saturday! Oh my! Here I am crying again! This whole being a mom thing has turned me into quite a hot mess! Anyways, we planned to introduce her to the wonderful world of food once she turned 6 months old and I have been counting down the days! I had done a tone of research and asked other mamas and decided that we would wait until 6 months for a number of reasons and we have decided to do a modified form of Baby Led Weaning. Adeline had been showing signs of being interested in food for a few weeks… She would quite literally pull my plate of food towards herself while sitting on my lap during mealtimes! It is fun to watch her be so interested in something. Hey eyes get so wide! If only we could know what babies think! Continue reading

How can we treasure what truly matters?

The world we live in is crumbling down around us! It has been one tragedy after another it seems lately. I know that has a lot to do with social media as it is more in our faces and constantly being streamed in our news feeds, but it doesn’t make it any less true. Instead of banning together we are tearing each other apart. Innocent people are being killed, those responsible for keeping us safe are being gunned down in the streets, a child dies at Disney World… “The happiest place on earth”. My heart breaks for the world. Even more so my heart breaks for lack of community I have witnessed in these past weeks. When we are going through hard times having others there to support us and show empathy can make all the difference. This seems to be lacking in today’s culture. We’ve grown accustomed to sitting behind a computer screen spewing out our opinions and feelings. With little to no thought of how they might effect another. People say the cruelest of things on social media. Things I’m sure they would never be so quick to say to anothers face. Continue reading