life with a 15 month old


In two days I will officially be the mama of a 15 month old… How did that happen??? It’s so cliche and I say it all the time, but it really does feel like we just brought her home! How has over a year passed?! Time is a weird thing. I recently heard someone describe time and being a mama like this – the days are long but the years are short. I’ve only been doing this mama job for 15 months but I can attest to the truth of that statement! I can’t imagine what it will feel like 18 years from now! Oh gosh, don’t get me started on that or I’ll just start crying!  Continue reading


Happy First Birthday Sawyer

I can’t believe this little man is ONE! It feels like yesterday his mama, my dear friend Krystle was calling me while I was in the Hobby Lobby parking lot to tell me she was pregnant! I was so excited for her then and I am just as excited to celebrate this precious little guy tomorrow at this party! He is the most chill baby I have ever met! He just goes with the flow and makes the funniest faces! Continue reading


Adeline first visit to the aquarium

Adeline LOVES animals! She is fascinated with them. Dogs and monkeys seem to be her favorite at the moment… but she is also quite fond of cats and tigers as well. We have these flash cards that say a word on the front and back and then on one side you can pull out a flap that reveals a picture of the word. I have them in a basket in our living room and right now she will sit next to it, open each card to see the pictures until she finds the ones she wants and then she will scoot them across the room to you so that you can open and shut them for her. Each time she searches the pile for the gorilla, the chimpanzee, the tiger, the dog, the cat, and sometimes the squirrel. It has become quite an adorable game. We say the word and make the animal noise as we show her the picture. She does the best tiger and gorilla out of all of us! Continue reading

How I made my first smoothie bowl

I finally made my first smoothie bowl!! It’s been on my list for while to try and make them, but like many things right now it kept getting pushed to the back burner…

Well, that all changed after my family’s recent trip to Kauai where I tried my first acai bowl at the cutest little fruit stand in Hanalei… OH MY GOSH! What a delicious breakfast treat that was! The house we rented was a 3 minute walk from town and everyday when we made the short trek we would pass this adorable and colorful food shack that served acai bowls and I kept saying we needed to try them. So, we did and I was sold! Talk about YUM! Continue reading


nice to meet you

To follow up from my last post of introducing what the purpose of this Lifestyle Blog will be I wanted to introduce myself to those that might not know much about ME. I want to be honest and candid in my writing and I don’t want to start that without sharing some quirky and personal things about myself with you.

I believe in creating community and connections between individuals. How can we expect to do that if we are not open to the possibility of meeting others that we can impact or that can have an impact on us?

So, without further ado… Here it goes:: Continue reading


Why do I choose to share MY story?

I am not the most eloquent of writers. I didn’t get a degree in it. I sometimes make grammar mistakes and my sentences are way too long. I type-delete-type-delete for hours. I am always critical of my writing and sharing it often scares me. I compare myself to others far too often which just perpetuates the fears I already have. When i hit ‘publish’ on a new post I automatically wonder if what I shared will have any impact whatsoever on even a single soul. However, despite those overpowering feelings of uncertainty I continue to share MY story… WHY??? Continue reading


I blinked and my baby turned one!

We spend the first 18 or so years of our lives wishing time would fast forward… That we could move out and be on our own. To have a real job and pay bills… Buy our own groceries and stay out as late as we want… Don’t get me wrong I totally was like that and it was fun… For a time. And then something weird happens. You get to a point where the days seems to blend together and you close your eyes for a second and the days, weeks, or months have flown by like a whirl of wind. Days once seemed to last an eternity, but now are gone before you know it. Continue reading